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Specific French actions you can discover too, for the program #JeRedécouvrelaFrance

Marcel Proust said

"The real journey is not looking for new landscapes but a new perspective"

By joining #JeRedécouvrelaFrance, Azureva invites you to rediscover this other gaze, which is hidden within you and which only asks to go out:

the richness of our heritage and our traditions,
the character of our French History,
the beauty of our territories and natural parks,
the authenticity of our departmental know-how,
the simple smile to change our outlook on our time, our country.

Focus on ... the local gastronomy of our regions

On the menu, we have: Pas d'Ous, Bol de Picolat or even Fréginat.

The directors and catering chefs of our Azureva Villages, Hotels and Holiday Residences share local dishes and specialties with you. This is the opportunity to take a bite, close your eyes and taste it, as if you were there.

Bring flavors from elsewhere and from here, into your kitchen, thanks to our selection of dish and dessert recipes.


Take to the open sea and measure yourself against the surprising curves of French territory

In partnership with Mhikes, Azureva has developed a stay & hike mobile application!

Your travel companion will give you all the information about your place of stay at Azureva, as well as a catalog of exclusive hiking trails!

The excursions are audio-guided, facilitating your progress by bike or with others, by privileging the exchange around the sight, rather than reading on a map. The circuits are tailor-made and continuously enriched with fun data to develop your knowledge of the territory, otherwise.

Azureva unveils its Portraits of guides in the form of mini interviews

Discover, through the words of our Mountain and Regional Guide partners, the assets of the French environment, massif by massif!


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