Insurance guarantees

Insurance guarantees

We have underwritten by an insurer a contract of which you will find below a summary of the guarantees.

We strongly advise you to subscribe these guarantees that will allow you to overcome the vagaries of life and unforeseen events.


Cancellation fees: According to the conditions of the scale of the expenses of cancellation Maxi € 7 000 per person and € 40 000 by event
Franchise per person: € 30
Expenses of interruption of stay: Reimbursement of the terrestrial benefits not used with the Prorata temporis, in case of premature return with a maximum of € 7 000 per person and € 40 000 by event.

Repatriation or medical transport: Actual costs
Accompaniment during repatriation or transport: ticket
Presence in case of hospitalization: Transport ticket
Extended stay at the hotel: Hotel expenses € 60 per day and per person max 10 days
Hotel expenses: Hotel expenses € 60 per day and per person max 10 days
Complementary reimbursement of medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospitalization expenses in France: € 30,000 per person
Franchise by medical expenses file: € 30
Emergency dental care: € 300 per person
Body transport in the event of death:
Repatriation of the body: Actual costs
Funeral expenses necessary for transport: € 2,500 per file
Premature return: Transportation ticket
Return of children under 15: Transportation ticket
Illness or accident of one of your minor or handicapped children: Transportation costs
Advance of medical expenses: Within the limits of the guarantee, Supplementary reimbursement of medical expenses
Legal assistance: € 1,500 per file
Payment of fees
Advance of the bail deposit: € 7,500 per file

Payment of search or rescue costs: € 10,000 per event
Rescue fee on ski slope: Actual costs, Maximum of € 7 650 per person
Reimbursement of the lift pass: Maximum € 350 per person
Refund of ski lessons (if not refundable by the school): Maximum 350 € per person
Evacuation Fee: Maximum € 10,000 per event
Ambulance fees: Actual expenses
Return costs to the resort: Actual costs
Babysitting: 2 times a day, maximum 10 hours (real expenses)
Housekeeper: 2 times a day, maximum 10 hours (real expenses)
Driving in ski lessons: 2 times a day, maximum 8 days
Repatriation of the vehicle: Actual costs

Bodily, material and immaterial damage: € 4,500,000
Tangible and intangible damage alone: ​​€ 75,000
Franchise by file: 80 €

In case of stop of the ski lifts or closing of the domain: Reimbursement of the ski pass «Ski lifts» not used pro rata temporis
Max € 500 per person and € 3 000 per event
Franchise: 1 day

In the event of theft or breakage of equipment owned or rented: Support for replacement equipment or compensation for your personal equipment
Max € 300 per person and € 900 per event
Franchise by file: € 20
If you lose or forget ski equipment owned or rented: Support for replacement equipment
Max € 100 per person, maximum € 500 per event
IMPORTANT: This is a summary of warranties and has no contractual value.

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