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Works councils & Local authorities / Tourism professionals & Travel agents

Works councils & Local authorities / Tourism professionals & Travel agents

Azureva offers you a variety of partnership packages suited to your needs:

‘Batched’ partnership agreements


Works councils & Local authorities / Tourism professionals & Travel agents

Permanent discounts in high and low season that can be combined with our offers
Product training suited to your needs
Option of a personalised web address including your partner code from your website
Payment solutions by bank transfer, card, cheque or holiday voucher (France only)
A telephone line open Monday to Saturday, 8.30 am to 7.30 pm
A dedicated sales representative
Online booking under your pricing terms accessible seven days a week for your customers
A loyalty programme that can be combined with your permanent discounts
Real-time access to our prices and availability on our website
Preferential rates in our Batched or Linear partnerships
If you are interested in our partnership packages and would like to arrange a meeting with your Azureva sales representative,

Email us at
[email protected]


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