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Because your satisfaction and the trust you put in us are of overriding importance to us, our top priority is to offer you a special experience when you stay in our resorts.

As part of our commitment to cater for your needs, we have therefore put in place a privacy policy. The Privacy Policy set out below formalises our commitments and sets out the terms under which Azureva uses your personal data.

Our commitments set out in Article 3 constitute the principal rules applicable across all Azureva resorts.


“Personal data” means any information collected and stored in a format that allows you to be personally identified as a physical person, either directly (e.g. name) or indirectly (e.g. telephone number). Before providing us with this information, we recommend that you read the rest of this document setting out our policy for the protection of our customers’ personal data.

This Privacy Policy forms an integral part of the Terms and Conditions governing our services. By accepting our T&Cs, you accept the provisions of this Policy.


The commitments set out below are applicable across all Azureva resorts.

Transparency: when we collect and process your personal data, we tell you what the information is, how it will be used and who it will be disclosed to.
Legitimacy: we collect and process your personal data solely for the purposes set out in this Policy.
Relevance and accuracy: we only collect the personal data necessary for data processing. We take all reasonable steps to ensure that the personal data which we hold are accurate and up to date.
Storage: we store your personal data for the period necessary for data-processing purposes as required by law.
Access, correction, opt-out: you are able to access, amend, correct or delete your personal data. You can also opt out from your personal data being used, in particular for marketing purposes. The details of the department to contact are set out below in Article 13 ‘Access and Amendment’.

Confidentiality and security: we have taken reasonable technical and organisational steps to protect your personal data against accidental or unlawful alteration or loss, or unauthorised use, disclosure or access.
Sharing and transfers: we may share your personal data among the different Azureva resorts or with third parties (such as commercial partners and/or, in particular, service providers), for the purposes set out in this Policy. We take the appropriate steps to ensure the security of the sharing and transfer.
For any queries with regard to these data-protection commitments, please contact the Personal Data Protection department, whose contact details are set out in Article 13 ‘Access and Amendment’.


This Privacy Policy is applicable:

To all data processing carried out in our resorts, including those where services are provided to our customers in partnership with Azureva. The list is regularly updated.
To Azureva’s booking website and all of its subdomains.
Although our Privacy Policy cannot be imposed on our partner resorts, Azureva will make every effort to promote the commitments made under this Policy to ensure that our partners comply with the applicable legislation concerning the processing of personal data.


At various times, we may ask you, as an Azureva customer, to provide information about yourself and/or your family members, such as:

contact details (e.g. first name, surname, telephone number, email, etc.);
personal information (e.g. date of birth, country of residence, language, etc.);
specific information to be brought to our attention to improve your welcome and the care we offer you during your stay (allergies, disability requiring specific facilities, etc.);
information about your children (e.g. first name, date of birth, etc.);
in the context of the use of photos or videos taken for marketing programmes, games or other activities during your stay in our resorts, all of which is covered by prior, written authorisation concerning such use;
your credit card details (for the purposes of paying for your booking and our providers);
your Azureva loyalty programme membership number;
your arrival and departure dates;
proof of membership or personal circumstances, in the context of some partnerships awarding a number of advantages;
your preferences in our resorts;
your questions/comments, during or after a stay in one of our resorts.

The collection of information concerning under 18-year-olds is restricted to their surname, first name and date of birth, which can only be provided to us by an adult. Please ensure that your children do not provide us with any personal data without your permission (in particular online). In the event that this does occur, you can contact the Personal Data Management department (see Article 13 ‘Access and Amendment’) to have the information deleted.

We do not deliberately collect sensitive information, for instance concerning racial or ethnic origin, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, union membership, or details about health or sexual orientation.

In addition, other information may be regarded as sensitive under the applicable local legislation, such as: your credit card details, your personal leisure activities and hobbies, etc. We may need to collect this information in order to cater for your requests or provide you with an appropriate service, for instance specific dietary requirements.


Personal data may be collected at various times, in particular:

Activities related to your stay:


Check-in and payment;
Food and drink at the bar or restaurant during your stay;
Requests, complaints and/or disputes.
Participation in marketing programmes or activities:
Registration in loyalty programmes;
Participation in satisfaction surveys;
Online games or competitions;
Subscription to newsletters or emailing lists, in order to receive offers and promotions by email.
Passing on information from third parties:
Registered clients, key account clients;
Tour operators, travel agents, coach operators, GDS booking systems, etc.;
Online activities:
Logging in to Azureva websites (IP address, cookies);
Online forms (My Account area, questionnaires, Azureva’s social media pages, login systems like Facebook Login, etc.).

We collect your personal data in order to :

Fulfil our obligations to our customers.
Manage room, gite and campsite pitch bookings and accommodation requests:
Drafting and keeping of accounting records in accordance with accountancy standards;
Manage your stay in our resorts:
Tracking your consumption (bar, activities, etc.)
Managing access to accommodation
Maintaining an internal list of guests who behave inappropriately during their stay (assault and disorderly behaviour, infringement of safety rules, theft, damage and vandalism, or payment incidents).
Improve our service, in particular by:
Processing your personal data in our client marketing programme, in order to carry out marketing and brand promotion operations and have a better understanding of your needs and wishes;
Ensuring our products and services are a best fit your requirements;
Personalising the commercial offers and relationship messages you receive;
Notifying you of special offers and any new services launched by Azureva or one of its partners;
Manage our relationship with our customers before, during and after their stay:
Managing the loyalty programme;
Profiling the customer database;
Segmentation operations based on customers’ booking history and travel habits, for the purposes of targeted marketing;
Predicting and anticipating future behaviour;
Drawing up sales statistics and scores, and carrying out reporting;
Supplying contextual data to the push marketing tool when a customer visits an Azureva website or makes a booking;

Reconnect with a customer when he visits an Azureva website and when he has not finalized his reservation;
Finding out and managing the preferences of customers, loyal or otherwise;
Sharing previous customer experiences by means of promotional management tools;
Sending you newsletters, offers and promotions of tourism, accommodation or services, or the offers of Azureva’s partners, or contacting you by telephone;
Handling requests to unsubscribe from newsletters, promotions, tourism offers and satisfaction surveys;
Handling opt-out requests;
Using a dedicated telephone service to find the people present in Azureva resorts in the event of a serious incident affecting the site in question (natural disaster, terrorist attack, etc.);
Using a trusted third party to carry out aggregation, analyses and matching of the data collected at the time of booking or during your stay, in order to determine your interests and customer profile, and enable us to send you personalised offers.
Improve Azureva’s services, in particular by:
Carrying out studies and analyses of customer questionnaires and comments;
Handling complaints;
Offering you the benefits of our loyalty programme.
Improve the security and user-friendliness of Azureva’s websites, in particular by:
Improving the browsing experience;
Putting in place security and fraud prevention measures;
Complying with local legislation (concerning, for example, the keeping of accounting records).
In any event, Azureva does not collect any personal data from its customers for resale purposes.


We make every effort to offer you the same services across all of our resorts. To that end, in order to guarantee you the right to access and amendment (Article 13 ‘Access and Amendment’), we must share your personal data with internal and external recipients under the following terms:

a. Within Azureva: in order to provide you with the best service, we may share your personal data and give access to authorised staff of our entities, namely:

Resort staff: holiday villages, self-catering resorts and campsites;
Booking staff who use the Azureva booking systems;
IT services;
Commercial partners and marketing services;
Medical services, where necessary;
Legal services, where necessary;
In general, any appropriate Azureva staff members for specific categories of personal data.
b. With commercial partners providing services directly to Azureva customers on behalf of Azureva: your personal data may be passed on to a third party for the purposes of providing you with services and improving your stay, namely:

Commercial partners for holiday management: Azureva will pass on any personal information necessary to ensure that your stay at our partner resorts goes smoothly.
Service providers or suppliers, subcontractors or just partners, for the provision of ticketing/passes/admission, equipment or external services purchased by customers (excursions, sporting or cultural activities, transport, etc.): Azureva will pass on only the personal information necessary to ensure the proper provision of the service as regards identification of the guests, any advanced authorisations required, in particular concerning minors, and safety.
c. With service providers and commercial partners: your personal data may be passed on to a third party for the purposes of providing you with services and improving your stay, namely:

External service providers: IT subcontractors, subcontractors used in the running of our resorts, call centres, banks, insurers, credit card issuers, external lawyers, routers, printers.
Commercial partners: Azureva may, unless you opt out by contacting the Personal Data Management department, expand your profile by sharing information concerning you with its key commercial partners. In this case, the aggregation, analysis and matching of your data may be carried out by a trusted third party. This processing will enable Azureva and its key contractual partners to determine your interests and customer profile, and enable us to send you personalised offers.
d. Local authorities: we may also need to pass on your information to the local authorities, where required by law or as part of a survey and in accordance with local regulations.


For the purposes set out in Article 7 of this Privacy Policy, we may transfer your personal data to external recipients based in countries with different levels of personal data protection.

Therefore, in addition to this Policy, Azureva takes appropriate steps to secure the transfer of your personal data to an external recipient located in a country offering a different level of protection from that offered in the country where the personal data are collected.

Data flows to countries without equivalent personal data protection are governed by “controller to processor” standard contractual clauses laid down by the European Commission.


Azureva takes the appropriate technical and organisational steps provided for by the applicable legislation, to protect your personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss or alteration, or unauthorised disclosure or access. To that end, we have put in place technical measures (e.g. firewalls) and organisational measures (e.g. a username/password system, physical protection methods, etc.).

When you enter your credit card details when booking, your transactions are secured using TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption technology. Likewise, when information is collected and transmitted on our website, your personal data are also secured using TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption technology.


Azureva uses cookies on its online booking site. To find out more about how Azureva uses cookies and to change your cookie settings, please see our Cookie Policy.


We store your personal data only for the period necessary for data-processing purposes as required by law.


You have the right to access your personal data collected by Azureva and to amend them subject to the applicable law.

You may also exercise your right to opt out, by writing to the address below.

If you have difficulty exercising your rights, please get in touch directly with Azureva’s Personal Data Management department by emailing [email protected] or writing to:
Gestion des Données Personnelles
52, rue du Peloux – B.P. 40307
01011 Bourg-en-Bresse Cedex

For confidentiality and personal data protection purposes, we must be able to identify you in order to respond to your request. To that end, you will be asked to enclose in support of your request a copy of an official identity document, such as an ID card or passport.

If your personal details are not correct, complete or up to date, please notify any amendments to the Personal Data Management department mentioned above.

All requests will be processed as soon as possible, in accordance with the applicable law.

To exercise your rights in respect of your personal data being stored and processed by a particular resort following a stay there, you must contact the Personal Data Management department only.


For any queries concerning Azureva’s Privacy Policy, please contact the Personal Data Management department (Article 13 ‘Access and Amendment’).


This Privacy Policy may be amended periodically. Please refer to it on a regular basis, especially when making a booking at one of our resorts.

Last updated: 13 June 2022

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