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A new way to holiday: Azureva themed holiday resorts

Azureva themed holiday resorts offer all the great features of a successful holiday in France but also a marvelous opportunity to immerse yourself totally in cultural, sports, historic and original themes throughout your stay! 

Unique, original and innovative are just some of the words that best describe the themed holiday villages. From the many universes you can choose to enter with your partner, family and friends to live the Azureva holiday experience, you can look forward to an exceptional stay in France. We guarantee you a total escape from daily life, a wonderful location in one of France’s most prized destinations. By the Atlantic Ocean or Mediterranean Sea, in the French Alps, Catalan or Basque countries or a picturesque setting in Provence, we have a themed holiday village to charm and delight our visitors and provide the perfect setting to enjoy an activity you are passionate about to your heart’s content.

Choosing your themed holiday resort

Whether you are thrilled to have the time to develop a favourite hobby or would simply love to try something new this holiday, we hope you enjoy discovering more about our themed holiday resorts. We propose holidays filled with the best quality stays and an array of themes.

Turn back the clock to the Middle Ages in Auvergne, discover Celtic Brittany, experience Zen in Sologne, or on the contrary, experience the thrill of surf and water sports in the Basque country. And we don’t stop there, in the heart of the Pyrenees Orientale, in Argeles sur Mer, lying close to the Spanish border, you can dust off your dance shoes and immerse yourself into the world of music and movement. From hip hop to flamenco, you may discover new genres of dance, and have fun sharing these special moments with ‘like-minded’ souls. Amateur thespians can take to the stage and artists can express their talents through painting and sculpture at our themed villages, whilst wine enthusiasts can enjoy sea, sunshine and wine tours, tastings and events in Provence… We invite you to explore the possibilities for an enriching holiday experience with Azureva.

If a truly, happy family holiday is one accompanied by your four-legged friend, the whole family will enjoy a stay at Azureva’s resort in Longeville-sur-Mer in the Vendee region, just a short walk away from the sandy beaches of the Atlantic coast. Though we always promise and deliver a fine welcome to all our guests, we reserve a special welcome for your beloved dog and have designed an entire theme around dog ownership, care and training thanks to a multitude of activities to enjoy with your dog and experts to meet at our themed holiday village. The star of this holiday theme will enjoy the freedom to accompany the family on long walks on the beaches, the surrounding forests and country paths…

Azureva is committed to providing everything you need on your holiday in France, our themed villages have their distinct and unique character and offer quality holiday accommodation and facilities to ensure you enjoy the comfort, leisure and easy access to all the highlights of your chosen destination. From quaint cottages, typical of the region, to charming chalets and spacious apartment rentals, we provide a choice of holiday packages to meet your exact needs. Our labels are a quick guide to the features of each of our resorts, such as kids’ clubs, bike hire, swimming pools, sports activities, events or wellness facilities. You can expect all the ingredients that make a holiday successful and so much more at our themed holiday resorts in France.

The Azureva team is at your disposal for any further advice and or special requests for your holiday; do not hesitate to contact us!